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Conveners are collaborative leaders who are convinced that their unique relationship networks and influence are to be wielded to serve God’s vision for the city. Conveners unite to meet the cities deepest needs and show that Jesus and His gospel are better than anyone can possibly imagine! A Convener’s passion is to lift huge burdens, solve big problems and create great opportunities to bless their city.

Our Vision: “Kingdom citizens advancing the mission of Jesus for the well-being of the city”

Our Strategic Focus: 

Connect to Jesus – This focus helps meet one of the greatest well-being needs in every city – taking the gospel of Jesus to others. Our goal is to bring good and effective evangelism thought, tools and motivation to pastors, leaders and followers of Jesus Christ. Our Evangelism Engagement Strategies include:

Develop Missional Leaders - We help develop leaders through both personal discipleship and corporate training, coupling our training efforts with outreach and ministry opportunities. We focus on Disciple-Making Initiatives:

Mobilize for Frontiers - We create pathways for ministry, service and outreach while forging catalytic relationships that help meet critical needs in our cities. Plans include:

Resource City Movements – We endeavor to supply strategic resources, join learning communities, create leadership connections and inspire hope for the Body of Christ to move foward in the mission of Jesus. We collaborate through:

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It is a privilege for us to be able to represent you on this frontier.







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