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God is doing great things in Kansas City! He is using citywide collaborations to make a difference in Kansas City and beyond, including…

- City Leadership Experience - a leadership development course calling leaders to collaboration, missional living and changing the world.
- In the City for the City - a Cru Campus and Cru City Summer Project in Kansas City (
- Elevate KC – a coalition of city leaders, churches and organizationsthat unite to take the Gospel to every man, woman and child in the greater Kansas City area.
- A sister-city partnership with Budapest, Hungary where we come alongside Youth at the Threshold of Life, a youth and education movement that utilizes an accredited curriculumwhich includes the Gospel and is used in Hungarian public schools nationwide.

It is a privilege for us to run with our partners to the frontiers of reaching cities for Christ and help accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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