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In the City for the City is part of a "campus to city" initiative to identify, develop, and mobilize young leaders for the work of city transformation through gospel movements. As a summer mission, we come alongside Elevate KC, a coalition of city leaders committed to the Gospel transformation and well-being of the greater Kansas City area.

Students on this mission tutor urban school children, partner with artists who have a heart for community art in the urban context, learn how to minister to the marginalized, and engage in strategic evangelistic outreaches as they serve.  More than ever, we want our summer mission to truly reflect the ethnic diversity of our city, and God is moving us in that direction. However, the challenge for developing personal funding prohibits many from participating in short-term missions.

Students from ethnic minority communities face some obstacles.

  • These communities have fewer resources available, which makes it difficult for people to give. The Pew Research Center reports that African Americans average 20% less disposable income than people from the majority culture. So even if a donor from an African American community has a heart to give financially, they are starting from a different place than the average white donor. 
  • There's also a different perspective on giving in some minority cultures — "taking care of your own" is the mindset ... fundraising is frowned upon.

We'd like to invite you to help make a summer mission a possibility for new students! Any donations made here will go first to an ethnic minority scholarship fund. Anything given beyond what is  needed for scholarships will be used to meet other project needs. 

Thank you for partnering with us; We're so grateful for you!

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