Katie Rodriguez


I am so excited for the opportunity to serve with Cru at ASU. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelors in Elementary Education. One day, I may pursue teaching, but right now I'm excited for the opportunity to use my teaching skills to teach about things of eternal significance. 

Something in particular that breaks my own heart that we see on college campuses today is the competition for Truth. Today, college students are faced with “mix-and-match religion” and “relative truth” and being "spiritual." In my own ministry, I would love to address big questions and issues that students are wrestling with. I want to talk about Capital-T-Truth. I am a Christian, because Christianity is True. I am a Christian because Christianity provides the most reasonable explanation for why and how things are the way they are.  I would love for students I encounter to come to have this same assurance and confidence. 

Trusting God every step of the way, I’m looking forward to what's to come this next semester, as I get to love on college students and share the light of Jesus!  

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