Andrew and Lyn Griffin



To meet people where they are spiritually, 

help them practically, 

and engage them with the Truth of the Gospel. 


DIGITAL MINISTRY: God reminds us time and again that digital ministry is personal ministry. The majority of people seek answers online before seeking them anywhere else. We want to be there for those seekers engaging with them online, and see real people make real decisions to follow Christ.

84% of the world has a smartphone, that's over 6.5 billion people. Working online to reach people the Lord reminds us often that,  "Every Number has a Name, Every Name has a Story, and Every Story matters to God."

TOUCAN TOGETHER: Among other digital projects we run Toucan Together, a relationship health app that aims to help couples thrive and introduce a non christian audience to the Gospel in a natural and storytelling way. Through Toucan we get to provide practical help to families, be a part of their spiritual journey, and lead people on to the right resources for them.

Our ministry partners are integral to our work. We are funded and supported by a team of ministry partners that give financially and pray regularly.


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