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Thank You For Visiting the Athletes in Action Sports Leadership Support Page for the Tri-State Area:

Our mission and commitment is at a HIGH Level of Excellence to, Mentor, Disciple and Coach Athletes in their sport, while coming alongside their families and meet them where they are at, encourage them and this generation to;  See the realness of Christ, stand up for what is right with Character and integrity; so that they can be world changers and to then have a positive impact in their families, campuses, and communities for the Glory of God.  We will also seek to bring athletes together from the inner city and the suburbs. By doing so we will begin to break down the racial barriers that exist in our culture by showing our youth that each life matters and together they can make a difference as future leaders ! 

We will accomplish this with the following Initiatives:

  • High level of intense Sports Specific Training thru Skills, Speed, Strength, Agility Concepts and modules, complimented by league/tournament competition
  • Interactive Faith Based Leadership labs, enhanced by True Life God moment testimonies
  • Opportunities to attend sports specific, and sport leadership camps
  • Travel abroad on sports competition missions tour to have a positive global impact
  • Our players are to represent and be accountable to God, Family, Teammates, and the program
  • Players will be asked to mentor younger athletes
  • Travel to College campuses to meet with other AIA athletes
  • Each team will be directed to be a part of an outreach program for those less fortunate, such as helping with catastrophes, such as Hurricane Harvey,  Sandy, Katrina, along with the homeless, the elderly, the hungry ....
  • Provide  Counseling, Prayer Ministry Support, Scholarships for our AIA Program and Educational Opportunities for our families and others in need

The program was launched in 2014 with 1 team and now the demand is surpassing our efforts where we are now approaching 8 teams and growing by offering 2 sports, Basketball and Baseball, and multiple regions within the USA and Lord willing on a global platform as well. We need your Help ! 

You can help in 1 or more of the following ways: 

  1. Commit to pray for our families, the program, staff, past present and future players
  2. Refer our program to others where their time, talents and or treasures can help assist us in our goals
  3. Support with a monthly and or one time donation to assist with:

  • Personal Missions Support: 
  • Scholarships for Inner City and Suburb Athletes in need:(Estimated donation $500 per season, $2,000 per year) 
  • Special Events, Camps and Trips from, UTC Leadership Camp, National Tournaments, International Basketball Missions Tour and Outreach:
  • Transportation Funds, Special Events, Needed equipment, Provide Food and Supplies to those in need
  • Supporting our AIA Program vision, purpose and needs based initiatives

We are a 501c3 and your support is tax deductible.

In making your donation please note if this is for My Personal Missions Support or for one of our other initiatives. 

With sincere appreciation we thank you for your time, consideration and support for being a part of shaping the hearts of this future generation for God's Glory. 

Current Sports Leadership Teams and Program Registration Page: 


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