Samm Ellingson


Thank you for considering a partnership with me in reaching the world with the satisfaction only Jesus gives. After 4 and a half years at Marshall University, I am now working on content strategy for an evangelism tool you can pull out of your pocket anywhere in the world with your smart phone. 

When I graduated from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul in December of 2013 I thought I would live overseas the rest of my life --I became hungry to see lives  transformed by a relationship with Christ and empowered to impact the world for His glory!  Despite not regularly having conversations with students on campus anymore, I now get to encourage, challenge and mobilize people in hard to reach places of the world. 

I love that through your prayers and giving we can be a source of light in spheres of influence anywhere someone can find a wifi signal. Together may we see generations raised up who are not only passionate about connecting to those around them but to those all across the globe. 

I'm so grateful for the chance to partner with you in seeing the Lord expand his kingdom, and truly bless an entire generation for His fame! Thank you!

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