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Our Mission Field

So many young people are seeking meaning in their lives but driving up all the wrong streets. They are influenced more than ever by the Internet as it’s become part of the fabric of their lives. Many will seek God online first before they ever enter a church. We must be there for them.

Our Calling

Our primary calling is to use our computing and creative writing skills to reach and disciple Internet seekers.

Tony: I’ve spent a 30 year career as a software engineer and inventor including 6 years in IT research. In 2004, I stopped to considering God’s calling for my life and I asked myself this simple question: How can I make what God has given me count the most for Eternity?

I discovered that millions of people every day facing personal and spiritual needs were going online to search for answers and that through the Internet and mobile phones we are now able to reach out and connect them with a personal mentor who can guide them to faith in Christ and help them to connect with a local church.

As a guiding principle ... I'm seeking to choose ministry tasks that multiply the effect I can have for the gospel. At present, I'm doing this by

(a) Focusing on recruiting new volunteers to our online ministry teams. Each new volunteer can potentially reach and disciple hundreds of people.

(b) Developing new critically needed digital tools that will equip others in ministry and reduce the time and effort they need to reach and disciple others. This multiplies the effect of "the labourers that are few".

Bill Hodgson, former national director of Power to Change Australia explains what Tony brings to the Australian ministry team. Power to Change  was then known as Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.

Reaching the World though Mobile Technology

In 2014, an estimated 4.55 Billion people will use a mobile phone (1.75 billion smart phones). I realised that we held in our hands a key that could unlock doors of ministry for others and that could significantly multiply the effect of the “laborers that are few”.

I’m currently developing a new mobile app that will equip our online mentors, church planters and student ministry teams in building depper discipleship relationships and equipping them with multilingual courses integrated with scriptures translations in text, voice and video and other time efficiency features that will allow them to each minister to more people. It's also a tool that we hope will be used by other Christian ministry teams.  

Jenny:  I love reading books and recall the strong influence that Christian writers had on my early childhood. I have a passion to influence the next generation for Christ though writing. I’ve worked as a doctor (11 years) and theologian (10 years). I’ve recently completed a master’s degree in creative writing which has given me opportunities to share Christ with my fellow distance education students. I contribute to several web blogs and have written several books in a fantasy series (inspired by C.S. Lewis) – not yet published. I'm also now organising Christian Writers Downunder  - a network of over 700 Christian writers and edittors in Australia.  I’m also a full-time Mum caring for our children David and Kathleen. To learn more Google “Jeanette O’Hagan” or visit or

Like to know more?

We’d love to have the privilege of showing you more about our past and future ministries. In our time together we will explain …

  • Why millions of people are now seeking God online and why this new field has become mission critical.
  • How Internet & Mobile Evangelism works and what makes it so resource effective.
  • Share stories of changed lives from our past projects and new innovative future projects.
  • Prayerfully consider four ways you can partner with us as we seek to move into full-time service.

Invite us over for an evening together or a breakfast, lunch or coffee. You can also invite us to your home, home group, church, Bible college, school or missions event. We promise it will be an eye-opening discussion.

If you’re far from Brisbane (Australia), you can request an online meeting for yourself or your group via Skype. This typically takes just 30 minutes.   Email Tony today ....

Download a brochure on our ministry from  or book a Skype call with Tony 

We're currently serving part-time but seeking to be serving our Lord full-time. This would unlock for us many doors.  You can become part of our team as a fellow mission partner.   Can I ask you to spend a moment in prayer right now and ask God for his wisdom on this matter.

You can become a financial partner so right now by selecting the Give button below or if you're in Australia by contacting Tony at . 

God Bless,

Tony and Jenny O'Hagan


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