Kyle and Melissa Donker


The Lord placed a burden on our hearts for the Borderlands starting in January 2019. This call brought us back from Michigan in the Fall of 2020. Though currently only at NMSU, it is our prayer to one day be present at all universities in Southern New Mexico and El Paso.

We feel distinctly called to engage with the entirety of the college campus, so that everyone on campus may have the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus! This means students not simply hearing the gospel but being empowered to share Christ with their classmate, co-worker, & roommate. This means faculty being encouraged and equipped to be faithful witnesses as well.

We consider it our responsibility to proclaim the gospel, equip believers as Christ’s ambassadors, and call all to step into the call of making much of Christ wherever he places us!

With Love,
Kyle & Melissa

Ministry Credentials:
Though our only boast is Jesus Christ, we understand the value it brings to know those you send and support are skilled for the task at hand. Rest assured, we seek ongoing development in various ways and take up new tasks when the situation arises. Below is just a brief summary of the most integral skills for our work.

Our first priority is an intimate relationship with God, through which we both live moment-by-moment with Him while also making regular rhythms cultivating intentionality with Him. Through experience, we've seen how futile our work is apart from a healthy walk with Him.

Combined, we have over 25 years of ministry experience from our university days to today. It’s been our joy to share the gospel hundreds of times in various ways to various people. Though we cannot claim any ministry fruit as our own (for truly God alone brings any to saving faith and provides any growth), we’ve experienced fruit from our seasons of “sowing” with the joyous gift of “reaping” in due season. We’ve discipled dozens of young men and women in their walks with the Lord. We’re skilled at equipping them in the critical skill of reading, interpreting, and applying God’s word accurately. We also provide the training grounds through which students learn how to “give feet to their faith”, equipping them with training/tools to (1) clearly and effectively communicate the Gospel of salvation, (2) lead a small group through God’s word, and (3) make disciples themselves so they may minister just as we ministered to them.

We have past disciples who now faithfully live “on mission” as engineers, teachers, nurses, doctors, counselors, accountants, seminarians, missionaries, and more.


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