La Fuente del Peregrino


La Fuente del Peregrino

This place is surrounded by arich history that goes back over hundreds of years. 

Over a period of more than 1000 years, millions of pilgrims have walked this route,

St. James Route or Camino de Santiago

 very few have returned from it having found a true purpose for their lives.

There is no doubt that God gives us the opportunity to serve pilgrims, attending to their physical,  emotional and spiritual needs. 

He also helps us to discover other ways to reflect the person, the character and the love of Christ.

During a week, we’ll be making contact with many cultures, listening to new languages, and enjoying being in a unique, calm place. We’ll find restand the un accustomed pleasure of seeing people who are grateful for simple acts.​


To make Jesus known along the Santiago route, through service, hospitality and unconditional love. To inspire Jesus ́ followers around the world to share His word authentically. To help pilgrims to deepen their experience of pilgrimage.


To know the Way, live the Way, share the Way and take it beyond.


Hospitality, Authenticity, FaithPilgrimage, Relationships/bonds/connections, God’s supremacy

Be part with us of this mission along the Camino de Santiago

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