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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Joel and that's my wife Erin and our baby Annie in the picture with me! (She’s currently 2!)

My drive for college ministry is rooted deeply in my love for deep conversation (something college students typically enjoy) and a passion for Christ to be glorified in how I treat each student with a blend of understanding, love, and the uncompromising Truth of Christ.

The challenge on campus is that young men and women are taught that truth is what you want it to be. But, as Christians, we know that Truth is Christ. This is why I want to be on campus. Connecting God's Truth with the curiousity of young people brings me joy and excitement in life.

A couple reasons I feel led specifically to Cru:

1. Young men are becoming more and more disregarded in our culture. Every man grows in confidence and understanding when they see their identity in who Christ is. Our compassion, honesty, and boldness only increases as we see Christ as a sacrificial King who calls us into adventure.

2. As a young believer, I was blessed with a discipler through Cru who taught me how to listen and share the Gospel! When I got a job after college, I had many gospel conversations with coworkers and customers because of Cru’s discipleship! I hope to be this for other young believers.

All in all, God used a college ministry to  shape my life. I can think of nothing greater then to help young men and women experience that as well!

My Goals on campus are to:

1. Win students to Christ through conversations and outreaches!

2. Encourage students to lean in on their faith in Christ through biblically based community and discipleship!

3. Equip young men to be able to share the Gospel through conversation where ever God leads them after graduation!

I would love to answer questions about Cru or my ministry and how you can pray for and financially support the Great Commission of Christ! 

Feel free to call or text me at (859) 361-9116 or email me at

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