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    Hello!  We are Bryan and Beth Runkle.  We are currently serving full-time with Cru Military to reach the military community (and others) with the hope, healing, and good news of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for considering the possibility of partnering with us in ministry. 

    Having joined the Air Force prior to having a relationship with Jesus Christ, we know how challenging it can be to serve in the military without God’s salvation and guidance, or an understanding of His sovereignty.  We gave our lives to Christ after being exposed to other believers in the Air Force community and recognizing our own need for a Savior.  While on active duty (25 years for Bryan and 20 years for Beth as a military spouse), we invested in young airmen and their families by leading them in Bible studies and small groups, discipling some, and taking a bold stand for Christ in our work and personal lives.

    God eventually called us to retire from active duty, but continue reaching the military for Christ.  After considering some traditional post-military employment options, but not sensing a strong desire, peace, or direction from God, Cru Military missionaries in Colorado Springs reached out to us at just the right time and asked us to prayerfully consider joining their ministry team.  We were both immediately drawn to this full-time missionary opportunity and felt God clearly calling us in that direction.  We soon realized that God had been preparing us for full-time ministry to the military throughout our time serving on active duty.

    We are now serving as missionaries to evangelize, disciple, and equip cadets, active duty military, Guard/Reserves, and veterans in the Colorado Springs area (this primarily includes the U.S. Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, and Fort Carson (Army), as well as local churches and military support organizations).  We stay active presenting the truth of Jesus Christ to the Academy cadets and airmen while also discipling and encouraging them to be strong Christian leaders throughout their military careers.  Additionally, we partner with base chaplains and local pastors to strengthen military families (marriage and parenting), provide combat trauma healing opportunities, and present the gospel to men and women who serve in our armed forces.

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