Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG)


Faith and Law Around the Globe (FLAG) 

Helping You Advance Biblical Justice Through Christ-centered Legal Professionals

Through your involvement you are helping a global community of legal professionals grow personally, professionally and spiritually for impact in their communities. Spiritual movements among legal professionals continue to grow in various places around the world, most notably in Francophone Africa, East Asia and the Middle East.

We recently had delegates from more than 30 nations gather in Orlando for the 4th Global Convocation of FLAG (see picture from the convocation above). Not only were legal topics addressed, such as mediation, religious freedom, combating corruption, and integration of faith and law, but practical training was given in evangelism, writing your faith story, and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. We envision a day when all components of the justice system (law makers, law interpreters and law enforcers) are fulfilling their functions in a manner that honors God. 

With your help and God's favor, FLAG will continue to evangelize and disciple legal professionals around the world. We invite you to prayerfully consider giving to FLAG so we can continue to build spiritual movements of Christ-centered legal professionals around the world.


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