Allison Wagstaff


After graduating from Florida State University in May of 2017, God called me to intern with the FSU Cru ministry for two years. During this time, I also had the privilege to serve on Cru's National Conference Operations virtual team as a conference planner.  God has continually renewed his call on my life to create places and spaces for people to meet with and experience Jesus. I now serve as a full-time missionary with Cru on the National Conference Operations team. 

Being partnered with you, we will be able to WIN the hearts and minds of college students to Jesus Christ through conversations and campus outreach, BUILD their faith through discipleship and life-changing community, and SEND them out into the world equipped to follow Jesus for a lifetime, leading countless others to an abundant life in Jesus name.


I am so grateful for you and your partnership! ll 904.742.8182

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