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Ukraine has been living in a hybrid war since 2014. On February 24, 2022, a full-scale war broke out in Ukraine due to the invasion of Russian troops throughout our country. Our lives and ministries have changed dramatically. We are overwhelmed by the pain of losing human lives and pride in our heroic defenders. We believe in our victory over the invader and continue to glorify God by serving our people. 

We pray and support families who have been forced to flee their homes, encourage volunteers, counsel families in crisis during the war, share the gospel, help refugees find housing, distribute food, clothing, and coordinate the logistics of rescuing people from hot spots of Ukraine, we help to provide all necessary volunteers.

We hope for your prayerful support and financial support in this difficult time for Ukraine.

We need and buy:

  • ​gasoline/diesel
  • food and humanitarian goods
  • equipment for arrangement of shelters.

We will be grateful for any help and donation

Vlodko, Hrystyna, Mark and Justine.

Before that Our family serve among families in Ukraine.

We share Gospel with other and God`s principals in family relationship.

We know that only God can repair the broken up and heal the sick. That's why the slogan of our ministry: “Help for today. Hope for tomorrow”. 

We try to be sensitive to God's will and help families in Ukraine grow in God's values and spread the Kingdom of God.

We thank God for such a wonderful opportunity to witness His mighty and glory through the miracles by which God changes the human hearts and their families and by “putting them in the collection of the saints for service”.

At our marriage conferences, "Unforgettable Time Together", and parenting conferences, "Parents' Happiness", as well as through the Homebuilders small group materials for couples, we present a Biblical approach to building a strong marriage relationship. In the context of the Ukrainian culture we share God's design for marriage, offering non-Christians an opportunity to trust Him with their lives. God has been leading people to join our ministry as staff members or volunteers, and we believe that soon we will be able to provide comprehensive training in three areas:

  • Preparation For Marriage
  • Marriage Building 
  • Parenting​

You can support us with prayer as well as financially. We are thankful that you provide us with opportunity to follow our calling as we serve broken families through proclaiming Gospel!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/188362618479986/

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