First Nations Bibles for Native Students


First Nations Version Bibles for Indigenous Students who are ready to receive them.  

Help us provide the The Gospels and Acts with Ephesians in the First Nations Version to every student at our November WJEF conference.  The Would Jesus Eat Frybread? conference (WJEF) is a place where Indigenous people across North America come together to explore and learn what it means to authentically follow Jesus while honoring their culture.   WJEF will have a Bible study where we will read and study John chapter 10 together.  

By giving financially to provide these Bibles, every $10 will provide an English Bible that connects, in a culturally sensitive way, to the traditional hearts of English-speaking First Nations people.  And they will own these Bibles after the conference so they can continue to spend time getting to know Jesus through their own study of Scripture.

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