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Melody Hatcher, a Bible study leader with NBS2Go, loves using her.BIBLE in her weekly neighborhood Bible studies. She first encouraged her small group of international women to "Listen to your app on the way to Bible Study or any time in the car with your kids in the background."

She then shared with us, "her.BIBLE first helped some of my women with different reading levels and disabilities. One lady’s learning dyslexia discouraged her until her.BIBLE totally changed her demeanor and changed her engagement level with the Scripture!”

Melody concluded, "Being able to hear the Bible as their auntie might speak with their beautiful accents feels like it connects to their heart dialect. We are an ethnically diverse group. Having a tool that reflects who we are as an international Bible study is amazing, and that's why I use it in all my neighborhood Bible studies I lead."

Would you like to reach more women with God’s Word? We humbly ask you to join us financially. Recurring monthly donations give her.BIBLE that steady financial baseline that is needed.  Over the next five years, we plan to globally spread the word about her.BIBLE, update our app, and find more women like Melody, women leaders who point women to Jesus. 

To begin these new ventures, we need to see God provide $7,770 in needed monthly support. Any amount makes a huge difference!  Through your partnership, we are praying that we will see a revival of people listening to His Word, connecting with God, and boldly sharing His Word with those they influence.

Thank you for your consideration of this need!

For more stories of changed lives read: Highlighting Women's Voices.  You can find us on facebook, Instagram & Twitter @herbibleaudio and download the app for free at the App Store and Google Play.

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