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Your involvement with her.BIBLE has brought more people closer to God than ever before! We submitted the Old Testament audio to YouVersion and await its release to their 500 million users! Your generosity makes this possible!

People in more places are deepening their relationship with God as they listen to her.BIBLE every day.

People like Lois, who shared, "I am thankful I happened on your site to be able to listen to God's Word. I am looking forward to starting a new life in my senior years with her.BIBLE."

And Laura from Florida, who said, "I am enjoying hearing the words of Jesus in the Bible. The inflection and emotion of the readers add a personal element for me that I might miss when just reading to myself."

And this is just the start of sharing her.BIBLE with people worldwide!

You are making a difference for  Lois and Laura every day because they have been longing to have more moments of growth in God's Word. Thank you for your consideration of this need.  Would you consider joining our her.BIBLE community with a gift of $15 to expose 30,000 women a day, or $105 to expose 210,000 women in a week, or $450 to expose 900,000 women in a month? Imagine nearly a million women learning about her.BIBLE each month because of your generosity!

Thank you for providing God’s Word for women who are searching!
For more stories of changed lives read: Highlighting Women's Voices.  You can find us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @herbibleaudio and download the app for free at the App Store and Google Play.

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