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Who has been there for you in your time of need? Would you like to honor her and help more women be encouraged by listening to God's Word through her.BIBLE? Whether your woman is a special relative, friend, or coworker, your gift will show how much you value her encouraging voice and her love for you and for God. 

Join a movement to honor 100 women who have influenced our lives.

Because of you, women listening to her.BIBLE understand that their voices, hearts, and longings matter to God. Sarah, a local Bible study leader, shared, "...the her.BIBLE app started to play the chapter for our weekly neighborhood Bible study. Destiny listened to our passage being read in a voice similar to her own and was struck silent. It was like listening to an aunt or grandma read her Scripture."

As Marion shared, "In today's busy world, an audio version of the Bible is an incredible asset that magnifies our opportunities for hearing the Word. Listening to a woman reading is both refreshing and inspiring. Who knows what new perspectives, nuances, and insights we might glean?"

You can simply click here to choose a day to honor the woman whose voice has made a difference.

You can choose to give a special or a monthly gift for any amount to make a difference! Joining our monthly community at $25 per month will consistently enable more women to learn about her.BIBLE and become listeners around the globe. Or, a generous donation of $250 will meet her.BIBLE's greatest need on your special day. We are trusting God to provide 100 women of influence to be honored through your participation!

Who is the woman you would like to honor?

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