Her Voice Matters to God!

You'll love this story about how women’s comforting voices make a difference.

Eva, a busy mom, recently shared her encouraging experience with us. She and her son, Jonny, have been listening to her.BIBLE together every night for the past four years. This has sparked deep conversations and spiritual growth.

They typically listen to one chapter a night, bringing them closer and fostering a love for learning about God's Word. Jonny's her.BIBLE times with his mom have ignited generosity, leading him to donate his entire allowance to help those in need. Through conversations about God's love and challenging Bible passages, Jonny's faith has deepened, allowing him to forgive a difficult classmate. 

When a woman is empowered with God’s Word, she makes a profound impact on her family and community. And, today, we ask you to stand with us to reach more people, like Eva.

In 2023, more and more people have found her.BIBLE. This year, YouVersion uploaded the complete Bible. There are now more than 210,000 people listening to God’s Word through the her.BIBLE App, website, and the YouVersion app!

Your gift of $400 can expose thousands of people around the world for one month to her.BIBLE and find more than 400 new listeners. A gift of $1000 will provide an evangelistic audio Bible study on the four Gospels to help young believers understand how to walk with God. A gift of $5000 will provide seed money in countries where funding is needed for women to record the Bible in their languages. You can get them started by providing recording equipment, honorariums for voices, transportation, and other expenses.

Your financial contributions, will help reach even more families like Eva's and begin the recording of more audio Bibles in women’s voices. 

For more stories of changed lives, read: Highlighting Women's Voices.  You can download the app for free at the Apple Store and Google Play. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X and Youtube @herbibleaudio.

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