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Hello from the Hoovers! 

Todays college campus is a very spiritually dark place. Students are faced with many challenges -- seeking for approval, drugs, partying, failure, mental health, loneliness and many more pressure, which wear at the hearts and minds of college students. But God in the face of all of this competition is bringing increasingly amounts of students into relationship with Himself. 

The college campus is a critical place to bring the gospel and build disciples of Jesus because the spiritual climate of the college campuses today is the spiritual climate of the world tomorrow. 

Todays students are tomorrows world leaders -- our future.  

We are committed to evangelism and to the building up disciples, who are men and women of the word, growing in knowledge and love of Christ daily whose hearts are burdened by people who do not know the good news of Jesus and injustice worldwide and act upon it! 

We are looking for a team of partners who are willing and excited to invest their time, treasures and talents in our ministry and seeing the gospel made known to EVERY college student at the University of Oregon! We would love to connect with YOU about how you can partner with us to make His name great at UofO and around the world! ​ //

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