David Potts


At the age of 17 out of necessity, David began working in the restaurant industry.  Little did he know that the job he chose would lead to a career.  He became very successful, managed multiple restaurants, and developed several relationships as his expertise in the industry grew.  David had a comfortable stable future but, deep inside he knew that there was something lacking in his life.  How could this be?

David prayed and asked God to guide where he needed to be and what he should be doing.  Finally, one day, God made it clear that He had a plan for him.  God wanted David to have a fulfilling life, but that would come in a way of serving others like he had never done before.  Trusting God, David left a successful career behind with only 5 boxes of clothes in his car.  He began volunteering with Cru in June 2017, and by February 2018 he began his ministry work through Cru as a part-time staff member.  

Words from David:

Working with Cru, I enjoy teaching the love of God and embracing children in surrounding  communities that need it the most.  Through teaching, I sincerely  hope to encourage others that in life, not all is lost even in your darkest moments.  Seeing high school students embrace the gospel is the most rewarding feeling of all time.  My passion for ministry and invoking change through the gospel is why I work hard. My goal is to help kids across every high school campus hear the gospel and give everyone an opportunity to find and follow Jesus and have a personal relationship with him.    

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