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Over the years, we’ve learned that you can’t do inner city ministry alone - it’s contrary to how the inner city functions. We couldn’t serve effectively in long-term ministry if it wasn’t for the committed relationships we’ve experienced on our Cru Inner City staff team. 

On our team, we cover the generations - from twenty year olds to sixty year olds. There are individuals who have served in the city for a few years and those who have served for over forty years!  Each member of our circle ministers in a different way - from caring for the homeless, to providing a safe place for youth to go after school, to mentoring young adults entering into urban ministry full-time, to training churches in how to share their faith, to leading neighborhood prayer movements - the list goes on and on.  Though each of us use our gifts to serve in unique ways, we are all committed to empowering the local church to be God's instrument of transformation in the inner city. 

As Cru Inner City staff in Chicago, we are coming alongside each other to raise a portion of our financial support together. Would you consider partnering financially with our staff circle as we stand with each other to raise our financial support?  Together, with your partnership, we are making a difference in bringing God's love to the inner city! 

Contact us at Eric.Cummings@cru.org (773-865-6798).



Website: https://www.cru.org/us/en/communities/innercity/chicago.html

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