Nyembo, Davis


Hi! I am Davis. I am French and have been working for Agapé France for two years now. I first started in the student ministry. I committed there beacause it was my way to thank God for His faithfulness during my time as a student. 

However I have a true passion for drawing and I am now raising support to join my new team and ministry — digital creation. I always wanted to use my skills for the Gospel. So when they offered me the opportunity to join this creative ministry, I joyfully seized it and took it as an invitation from God.

The purpose of the creative digitale team is to create original content (graphic design, photo, video, drawing, writing) to share the Gospel with people through digital tools (websites, social media, etc). I met the Lord when I was 20, because a close friend of mine texted me his testasmony about how he met God a few days before. So I strongly believe that digital tools are a powerful way to break through barriers and to live and share the Gospel (as you can see with the current pandemic).

 I am looking for partners who wants to support the vision of this ministry and Agape France — help everyone to “Discover, Live and Share” the Gospel. All of this is a team effort and I need your help prayer and/or monthly gifts so that we can be part of God's amazing work together in people's lives in France!

So, how about joining the team and working together for the glory of God?


Davis Nyembo

(Here is my instagram page if you want to check out what I draw for fun)

Website: https://www.instagram.com/dc_illustration/

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