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Scripture is at the heart of all that Athletes in Action® is about. As ministry leaders shepherd athletes and coaches in their faith, Bible study and Bible distribution is a key aspect of their work. The "Struggle and Triumph" Bible was developed by AIA® to integrate the faith stories of elite athletes alongside Scripture.

This unique version is compelling to athletes because it gives tangible examples of people like them facing struggles in their sport or faith but ultimately triumphing because of their faith in Christ.

The number of requests for Athletes In Action "Struggle and Triumph" Bibles is at an all-time high, just as our supplies have nearly ran out.

We are down to a few boxes during a time when our ministry is exploding!

It only costs $7.50 to print and deliver each "Struggle and Triumph" Bible.

Will you help provide Bibles to athletes in hard to reach places around the world?

You can help ensure that sports Bibles continue to be available to athletes everywhere by making a gift today.

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