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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "chaplain?" Perhaps you think of a mentor, trainer, or coach who serves as a spiritual guide. Maybe you picture a teacher who cares personally for those entrusted to his care. All of these images are accurate, as the role of a chaplain is varied and diverse.

Chaplains serving with Athletes in Action® perform all of these roles, and more. They are international evangelists and the backbone of our mission. Across the globe their work is vital.

Not only do chaplains minister to and encourage athletes, they bring the message of Christ into their communities.

Athletes gain spiritual development in addition to their physical training, and as they hear the gospel it begins to spread within their community.

There's still more work needed to be done. That's why we're trusting God to expand international chaplaincy outreach into new nations -- BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Will you bring the love, peace and salvation Jesus offers to athletes around the world through a gift to global chaplains today?

Athletes around the world are waiting for the chance to enter His race. You can reach them with your generous gift today!

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