Alexander Lyons


​My Mission

After coming to know Jesus personally at a Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) event near the end of my freshmen year of college, I devoted the rest of my life to serving God's kingdom work. After graduating, I devoted my career to the fulfillment of the Great Commission; making Jesus known to all the ends of the earth. Using my vocational ministry experience from my first internship with Sioux Empire Cru, along with my professional 3D digital art experience from my second intern year with Jesus Film Project; I have decided to become a full-time animation production artist with the Jesus Film Project. We are the process of producing a 90-minute 3D animated feature film about the life of Jesus Christ for a new generation!

​My Vision

The LORD has given me a voice, through the power of film and animation to speak to all nations, ethnicities, and languages, to deliver the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to give a voice to the oppressed and marginalized, for those in bondage to experience freedom. The LORD has called me to GO – away from my home, my family, and from my own plans for the future, to the land that He has shown me. The LORD has blessed me, both with digital art training and vocational ministry experience, to be a blessing to others. The LORD promised to bless those who serve His kingdom, as well as partner with those who serve on this ministry journey. The LORD has blessed me so that all the families of the world will know the name of Jesus Christ.

​What You Can Do to Help

​Cru is a nonprofit ministry organization and has no means of generating funds on its own. Missionaries like myself are supported financially by partners stepping up and giving a monthly gift that will go towards the funding of my mission. I trust the Lord to provide full support by Christmas 2021!

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