Kent and Erica Chevalier


​Kent & Erica Chevalier

We were both born and raised in Pittsburgh! We love this city! We are proud Yinzers!

We've been in ministry for over 25 years, and now we've been given an incredible opportunity! Invited by Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, together we are now a part of Athletes in Action, serving as chaplains for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

We know that a journey like this is never done alone. We fully depend on God's provision, through the faithful prayers and financial support of friends, family and strategic partners to sustain us in this mission adventure. Thank you for considering to come alongside us. Your support is matchless and without our "team" we would never be able to do what Jesus has asked us to do.

We believe that we have been called to reproduce the character, ways and mission of Jesus in those God brings around us, expecting them to do the same in others. That has been our purpose in ministry all along. Even though our platform has changed, our purpose remains the same. During this season, join us in praying that God uses us to impact the Pittsburgh region with the hope of the Gospel!

There are 2 financial ways and 2 non-financial ways to be a part of our ministry team:

1. Monthly (encouraged) or annual financial support

2. Funding special projects (Missions trips, Professional Athletes Outreach Conference, Annual leadership trainings, etc.)

3. Referrals (Who do you know that we need to know?) - Can you help connect us with key ministry partners?

4. Prayer - the foundation and heartbeat of the ministry

We are extremely grateful for your continued prayers, generosity and financial support!

Kent and Erica

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