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Hi, Everyone!

Thank you very much  for your interest in joining my ministry partner team for Epic Movement, the Asian American ministry of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ).   My 1st year was during the pandemic yet, it was a great one because God’s mission cannot be canceled, and we used God’s creativity to find and serve students in novel ways. Now as campuses have returned to "normal", the Lord is calling me to serve more, so I’m growing our ministry partner team in order to rise up to the highest Part-time Field Staff tier. This is essential, as God-willing, I will continue to launch our new Epic Movement at Rowan University this 5th year on staff. I also, will continue to disciple and coach the student leaders of Rutgers’ Chinese Christian Fellowship, which is transforming into an Epic Movement. As a proud Jersey girl, I'm thrilled to continue with the Jersey Metro Cru Team as the 1st Epic staff member integrated in it.  

Chinese Bible Study transformed my young Christian life in college.  It placed me on a trajectory to pursue Jesus whole-heartedly to this day. My desire is to come alongside college students for that same purpose and to help them find their place in God's redemptive plan. I'm so grateful for your desire to walk with me in this new adventure to serve and honor our King and Father (Matthew 28:19-20). 

Our mission requires faithful and consistent prayer and financial support, so it is a joy to meet you, along with other brothers and sisters in the Lord, who love God and have a heart for the lost.  As a team member,  you'll  be with me each step I take on campus and with every student I meet.  I can't wait to see how God will use us to reach unbelievers and to disciple young Christians in innovative ways during these uncertain times.  To God be the Glory!

 Please reach out to me via e-mail:

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