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Our goal is to fulfill God's will for our lives by serving his servants. We are excited about this new mission that God has us on as the Associate Directors to the Chaplains of the NFL, for Athletes in Action. We are helping to lead these Chaplains by encouraging, equipping, praying, and managing. Our goal is to fulfill God's will for our lives by serving his servants. We understand the pressure, pain, and pleasure that comes from Godly leadership. We have been in ministry as leaders for over 20 years. Please join us in prayer as we pray that we are able to impact the chaplains who then will WIN (Evangelize), BUILD (Disciple), and SEND (The Great Commission) to those that they minister to within the NFL teams.

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Through your PRAYERS:  

We covet your prayers because prayer is pivotal for us to be productive.  Please consider specifically praying for us as a family (Devon, Shereasher, Jazzmine, and Rachel); for Athletes in Action chaplains and their families; NFL teams that we minister to; and for our main mission to WIN souls to Christ, BUILD (Disciple) the team members and SEND then to share the message of Hope. 


Right now our goal is to meet with as many individuals and businesses who foster a heart to further our ministry.  Sharing contacts within your network increases our opportunities to share our mission to have a Christ-follower on every team, in every sport, and in every nation. 

Thank you for your donation! 

With your gift, you are directly impacting the NFL chaplains that are currently ministering to the NFL teams. The impact of your donation does not stop there.  It continues the message of Hope onto the players and prayerfully onto the millions that follow them. 

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