Nicholas Topor


It doesn’t take much for a new college student to give into the long list of things competing for their hearts and minds; academic success, parties, sports, jobs, acceptance from peers, relationships, etc. Even though I grew up in a churched family, my time spent at the University of Connecticut was just that - spent searching for meaning and purpose in everything I thought I was supposed to do. 

The amazing thing - my nominal walk of faith was totally transformed as I sought the truth away from home. As I asked questions, God met me and graciously introduced me to true community in the form of a group called Cru.

Cru’s mission is to help people know Jesus, grow in their faith, and go to the world. Lifelines is a ministry of Cru that shares this same mission, yet approaches it with a unique strategy - through experiential learning and often outside in God’s creation. Based in Portland, ME, the Lifelines Northeast team takes college students from around New England on adventures like rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, etc.—not just for adventure's sake, but because throughout history we see God teaching His people in a similar way; through shared experience. 

Not only do I get to lead trips for colleges all across the Northeast (NY to ME), I also get to help with the local campus ministries near Portland, leading Bible studies and outreach events on campus as well as discipling young men in their spiritual journeys. 

Would you join me as I step in faith to reach, build, and send college students through Cru Southern Maine and Lifelines Northeast?


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