Newton Smerchek


I am excited to work towards AIA's overall mission of having Christ followers on every team at every university in every nation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With currently only 13% of the male athletic teams being connected to Athletes in Action in the Wisconsin Athletic Department, there is lots of exciting work that God is going to use me for to be part of the Great Commission!! 

Athletes struggle with Identity!!! With the  level of importance that sports have in our culture and the high pressures because of this importance, athletes feel that they are only identified by their sport and success in their sport. This means that athletes can high the highest of highs when things go well, but they can also have the lowest of lows when things aren't going their way. Even when they achieve the highest level of their sport, athletes still always talk about how they always need something greater. I believe I am being called to help those athletes find out who they truly are and whose they are, and this can help provide them with understanding their true identity.

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