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After spending 13 years planting and nurturing Gospel City Church in Granger, Indiana, our desire is to take all that we have learned and loved about making disciples in the context of the local church and replicate it in other churches, homes, families and individuals literally around the world through FamilyLife. 


FamilyLife, a ministry of Cru,  has a global reach, operating in over 100 countries. It’s served by 300 staff and 1200 volunteers focused on family discipleship and marriage mentoring within local churches and beyond. It’s best known for the Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaways that are attended by over 60k people every year. And the FamilyLife Today daily radio program and podcast has over 4 million listeners a month. 

As the Vice President of Content Development Trent will be leading teams in strategic planning, creation, and implementation of quality Biblical content products and resources. Andrea and Trent will be helping curate and create gospel rich, culturally contextualized, and clearly transformational content for marriages and families, as well as mobilizing families to disciple families.  

If you know Trent, you know he is passionate about getting the gospel right and getting the gospel out in obedience to the great commission. That is what we are  being asked to come help with…enhance the message and further our mission of making every home a godly home. 


Our new position with FamilyLife is entirely donor funded. As missionaries, we are responsible for developing a team of partners that will collectively supply 100% our income and benefits. The simplest way partner with us is to set up online, recurring gifts on this page. Single or “non-recurring” gifts are welcomed and appreciated. They will help tremendously toward moving expenses and upfront costs. However, it is those who commit to be monthly financial partners that really allow us to fulfill our calling as donor-funded missionaries. We would be so grateful and feel so affirmed in our calling if friends like you joined our team through your prayers and generosity.

You can watch our full announcement to our church by clicking the link below. 


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