Morange, Alexis


Hi there !

Do you remember the day you decided to follow Jesus ? Wasn’t it a special day ? The most beautiful day in your life ?

For me, that encounter with Jesus happened during a youth camp organized by Sport et Foi France (the equivalent of Athletes in Action) when I was fourteen years old. I was struggling with some family problems at that time, but I decided to abandon my life into the hands of Jesus and to devote my whole life to him.

I’m beginning with a ministry with the Digital Creation department in order to serve Agape France’s other ministries and in doing so help spread the gospel in France. Digital tools give efficient visibility on the web for different events, but also to share the gospel in a creative and impactful way, without distorting its meaning : Jesus died for our sins, was resurrected and today he’s alive.

Every christian is called to spread the good news of the death and the resurrection of Christ all around him, and God gave special gifts to every one of his children to have creativity in the way of sharing it. Being part of Agape France’s mission is a way for me to humbly participate in the construction of that great building which is called the great artwork of God. I’m really grateful to be able to put myself and the gifts God gave me in digital creation to serve Him.

Concretely, what are going to be my missions ? Creation of posters, logos, video teasers, sound design… all that can be considered as digital creation and needs a creative eye or ear.

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