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Think about this: you have a family and have just been accepted by an agency to serve overseas. As you are preparing to leave, the questions loom in your mind of, “Where will my children go to school? Will there be one nearby? Will I need to homeschool them?”. This is a common scenario that global workers face as they prepare to move overseas. 

According to the International Mission Board, “Educational needs of children can also result in a necessity to return home, as special education resources and specialized interventions such as speech therapy are just not available or are cost prohibitive in many parts of the world.” If families are moving overseas to be a part of a ministry, they must first tend to the needs of their own ministry: their families. Part of this “tending to” is the need for education.

So- right here, we see a need. This is where YOUR sending and MY ability to go connect!

I am currently a senior at Eastern Oregon University and will graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a concentration in teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) in June of 2023. After graduation, I will be teaching the wonderful 4th graders at Grace International School (GIS) in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the next 2 years as a Teach with Cru intern. GIS enables global workers to remain overseas by providing a quality, yet affordable education for their children. By using my college degree to teach at Grace, I have the ability to meet tangible needs that often cause global workers to leave the field. 

Will you partner with me in supporting global workers by providing education for their children?

Feel free to contact me at with any questions!

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