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#2835091 - Send Oral Bible Teams

Stories and songs…that’s how oral cultures pass down their culture, history and values.  Oral Bible stories speak to them and these stories change lives!

“These stories have shown me that Jesus really is the only way to God!"

“Baptize me! I want to be good soil!” Shouted a Zimbabwean game-hunting guide after listening to the Parable of the Sower.

One pastor in Togo has started 13 story groups and planted 3 house churches using oral Bible stories in remote places where there were no followers of Christ.

Your #GivingTuesday gift provides a local storyteller with an audio player containing  StoryRunners’ 42 oral Bible stories from Creation to the Return of Christ. The storytellers use an audio player to review the stories they have already learned so that they can accurately tell the stories live to their story groups. After they teach a story, then the group discusses the story.

When people hear these Bible stories, they are hearing God’s word in their own language, often for the very first time. People follow Jesus, they grow in their relationship with him, and some become storytellers who start new groups. Often these groups become house churches.

You can help start a network of multiplying story groups and house churches by giving $25 to place an audio player in the hands of a storyteller. Join StoryRunners this #GivingTuesday to share the message of God’s love and forgiveness in Christ.

Because these stories change lives.

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