Reach Vacationing Gulf Arabs While They’re in Europe

#1016573 - Gulf Partnership Outreach

Every year, men, women and families from the Arabian Gulf Peninsula vacation in Europe. Cru staff members and volunteers are taking advantage of the fleeting moment of religious freedom to spread the gospel. Arabic missionaries who look like, speak like and have the same culture as the tourists are starting conversations, handing out Christian resources and following up for discipleship.

These reports came from Cru staff leaders who witnessed the power of God at work:

From Geneva:

Rahima* and Leila* met 2 Arab women sitting on a bench by the lake. The missionaries told the women about the unconditional love of Christ, forgiveness of sin and how they can have eternal life. The Arab women listened carefully about how to pray and accept Jesus as their personal savior, with tears dripping from behind their glasses. They both prayed to receive Jesus and gave Rahima their mobile phone number for follow-up. Praise to God who touched hearts!


From Munich:

Mahir* [a Cru missionary] was tending the table with Bibles and other Christian literature on it. A young Arab man from [a closed nation] walked up, took a Bible, and started paging through it. The young man immediately started asking questions about translations. Mahir explained to him that each new language translation of the Bible is translated from the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts. The young man agreed that it is much clearer when you read in your own language.

Their conversation eventually led to Mahir being able to share the Gospel with the young man.  It was as if a lightbulb had been turned on for him! The young man smiled, and said “This is good!” Mahir said, “You can take this Bible with you,” and then also offered him an SD card with the Bible and other Christian resources on it. The young man really liked that. He said, “Yes, it could be trouble for me taking a Bible back to my home country. Thank you!”


In this time of increased spiritual interest, would you consider giving today to share the hope of the gospel with men and women who may not ordinarily be able to hear it?

The average cost per Arabic-speaking missionary participate in this missions project is $2,001. Missionaries are counting on our support to spread the gospel while there is still time!

Your gift of $50, $100 or even more would allow more evangelists to travel where spiritual hunger is growing. By providing the funds necessary for missionaries who speak the language and have the same background, many more people can have stories like these.

*names changed for security

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