$33,000 needed by Thanksgiving to reach the Dagbon* people

#2835091 - Send Oral Bible Teams

No one should be deprived of the gospel because they cannot read.

Across West Africa, people are clinging to voodoo and other religions that create fear, superstition and spiritual darkness. Now we have an opportunity to free the Dagbon* people of Togo through the grace of Christ! Less than 1% of Dagbons are literate in their heart language, so the only way to share the gospel in their culture is through storytelling.

We have volunteers ready to be trained.

We have translators standing by.

All we need is the funding to reach this new people group.

To launch our next four-week School of Storying on schedule, we need $33,000 by Thanksgiving.

Your gift of any size will help train a StoryRunners volunteer to share 40 stories of The Promise from Creation to the Return of Christ in the heart language of the Dagbon people. We are moving ahead in faith God will provide. Please give as generously as you can to help send the gospel where the printed word cannot go in Togo!

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