Freedom in Christ!

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This Memorial Day, we honor all the men and women that have fought so bravely to give us freedom, to protect our freedom and to maintain it.

In several parts of the world today, the military and security forces of many nations continue to do the same. Here at the Military Ministry of Cru, we’re fighting for a different kind of freedom, aren’t we? 

It’s the true freedom only a loving Savior can bring to those who follow Him. Freedom from sin. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from spiritual darkness, oppression and bondage. And the ultimate freedom – freedom from eternal death.

Yes, the freedom Christ offers us is indeed worth fighting for – and God has called us to fight for the men, women and families who protect our earthly freedom with this great news.

Thank you for your generous gift to Cru Military, it’s you who are making it possible for us to allow our servicemembers – and others around the world – to know who they were meant to be in Christ.

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