Share Jesus with college students worldwide — Even in nations hostile to the gospel!

#0676014 - gives you the opportunity to reach college students for Christ ... even in supposedly “closed” countries!

In fact, by God’s grace, there are no closed countries to the gospel when it comes to In the past year alone, we’ve reached someone for Jesus from every country on earth!

Together, we are connecting heart-to-heart with millions of students we can’t reach face-to-face! In 2020 we hope to see MORE ...

  • MORE students learning about Jesus for the first time. 
  • MORE students giving their lives to Christ. 
  • MORE students growing in faith through our online discipleship tools. 
  • And in countries hostile to the gospel, MORE students reached than ever before!

Please be a part of it! How many students like your children or grandchildren can you lead to Jesus through this proven-powerful online strategy and our other outreaches?

Please give generously today!

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