"JESUS" Greatest Opportunity Fund

"JESUS" Greatest Opportunity Fund

With your help, hundreds, even thousands of people can be reached. Your gift today will help send the gospel to people in their own heart language where it is needed most.

Item #: 2576055

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"JESUS" Film Translations

You can let an entire people group be enabled to hear Jesus speak the Word of God in their heart language. Reach an unreached people group in the language they most understand.

Item #: 2870345

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"JESUS" Film Teams

Help support film teams as they win people to Christ and build thriving, growing churches.

Item: 2788745

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"JESUS" Film Equipment

Give equipment teams can use to reach urban and rural people...so they can see "JESUS."

Item: 2788243

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Featured Item: NewLifeBox™ kit

Featured Item: NewLifeBox™ kit

It fits in a pocket and is useful in any gathering place—a restaurant, bus station, an airport. People see a message on their devices when trying to locate a WiFi signal, such as, “Download a free film about Jesus.” People are accepting and secretly downloading or watching the film, even in very resistant locations. Put the good news in people’s hands on their phones.

Cost: $205 

Item: 0671273

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“JESUS” SD Cards, DVDs and Thumb Drives

Your gift will send “JESUS,” other Jesus Film media and follow-up films to unreached people and will help new believers grow in their faith.

Item: 0776018

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Follow-Up and Church Planting

You can help new believers thrive, grow and reproduce when you provide training for eager partners to follow up with and disciple new believers, and plant churches.

Item: 2788357

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"JESUS" Internet Evangelism

You can help people experience the power of "JESUS" and other films online and on any mobile device or smartphone in their heart language, even in closed nations.

Item: 2851028

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"JESUS" Team Transportation

Give them wings! Help teams deliver the good news over land and water.

Item: 2830870


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Featured Item: Church-Planting Backpack Kits

Featured Item: Church-Planting Backpack Kits

An amazing, portable kit with a small projector, collapsible screen, tripod stand, microphone, amplifier and a car/moto charger. It all fits into a backpack, enabling teams to go anywhere with the good news and reach up to 300 people per showing. 

Cost: $3,580

Item #: 0783849

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Broadcasting “JESUS”

You can give people "JESUS" and other Jesus Film media especially ​during Christmas and Easter when they are most ready to hear the gospel in the privacy of their homes.

Item: 2830888


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Humanitarian Partnerships

You can reach out to refugees at their time of need. When Christians reach out in love their hearts soften. Given a chance to understand the source of that love, they willingly watch and respond to “JESUS.”

Item: 2788268


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Featured Item: Film Team for One Month

Featured Item: Film Team for One Month

Skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable teams not only show “JESUS,” but train volunteers and partners to do the same. Your gift will enable the work of a team for an entire month.

Cost: $1,160

Item: 2788300

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To Donate by Phone: Call us toll free at (800) 387-4040

To Donate by Mail:
Please mail to: Jesus Film Project, PO Box 628222
Orlando, FL 32862-8222

To honor a loved one or friend through an Honors Gift, please visit: www.jesusfilm.org/honors or call (800) 387-4040.    

Jesus Film®

Your gift through the Jesus Film Gift Catalog is much appreciated. If you would like to request a complimentary copy of "Jesus Speaks My Language," a compilation of wonderful stories about how God is breaking through barriers, bringing hope and peace, especially through "JESUS," please request it in the comments box.

All catalog items are based on average costs worldwide. Actual costs may vary from country to country. In the event that the project described on this website is fully funded, delayed or canceled, the excess funds will be reassigned to a ministry need most closely identifying with the project for which the funds were originally given. For more information on donor policies, please visit jesusfilm.org/donor-relations.    

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