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Dear Friend,

Thank you for being such a faithful partner of Jesus Film Project®. I would love to tell you stories of how God is using your partnership.  

A few months ago, my wife Holly and I were in a major Middle Eastern city at a large square. Our driver turned off the square onto a side street and parked near two significant places. One is a popular chicken sandwich shop! Loving chicken, the people of the city will wait in long lines outside this shop.

Right next to the shop is what locals call a library, but it’s more like a Christian bookstore. The owners had purchased a large-screen TV and speakers (with funds donated by friends of Jesus Film Project). They set up the monitor  just inside a large front window with speakers outside. As people wait in line for their chicken orders, or as they sit eating, they can watch and hear the “JESUS” film, which is playing on a continuous loop.

Holly and I were amazed to witness the gospel on that large screen. Holly said it best, “… to turn the corner in this Middle Eastern city and there was ‘JESUS’ being played into the square. There were women and kids sitting and watching, and a couple of older men totally transfixed. It just took my breath away.”

Wanting to meet the bookstore owners, we walked inside. The husband and-wife team welcomed us and took us upstairs to an upper room. The husband described how people will watch and then come in with questions. They take these seekers to the same room where they talk to them about hope in Jesus. As the husband shares the gospel, his wife prays. They have led many to Christ in this way. Then this couple shared an incredible story.  

One day they noticed an unkempt, disheveled-looking man standing outside the window, watching the screen. He looked unwell but he was mesmerized by “JESUS.” He seemed astonished as he watched scene after scene. When the film concluded, he squeezed his head through the opening of the door and merely said, “Play it again.”

After watching it a second time, he came inside. The couple took him upstairs and answered his questions.

The owner told us: “His name was Masud.* He showed signs of fatigue and kept asking me about the incidents of the film for an hour and a half. When we needed more time, he said he would visit again. On the next day, he was there and watched the film for the third time. We then spent another hour and a half together and prayed before he left.”  

That was the last they saw of him for more than two months. But then he came back, totally changed, a new man. At first, the owner didn’t recognize him. He was shaven, well-dressed and alert. The owner said, “He asked, ‘Do you remember me?’ I answered, ‘Yes, mister.’ He replied, ‘Christ appeared to me and healed me.’ He described how he had been the victim of witchcraft for many years and struggled greatly. With many deep emotional and mental problems, his family had been taking him to various psychiatrists.”

Masud then said to the owner: “‘{After we talked} I went home. During the following four days, I could not stop recalling the scenes of Christ performing miracles. Then I went to the house of prayer for Friday prayers. Because I had a handicap, a bad ankle, I sit in the back in the last rows.’

“Masud told me that while sitting at the house of prayer, still thinking about Christ performing miracles, he saw Christ standing among the rows of those who prayed!

“He said that Jesus was tall and very handsome with green eyes and that, when you see His eyes, you cannot turn away. Christ looked at him, deep into his soul. He placed His hand on {Masud’s} shoulder and smiled. Then something like fire came out of Jesus’ eyes and swept through his entire body, down through his legs and shot out from his ankle.

“He said instantly he felt like a new person, healed and totally different, aware that he was born anew. Immediately Christ disappeared. Right in the house of prayer, Masud began shouting, ‘I saw the Lord Jesus Christ! I saw the Prophet Isa! He appeared to me and healed me!’

“Thinking he was having seizures or a reaction from his medications, they rebuked him and threw him out of the building. But the people who had known him before now saw a normal person. The entire neighborhood became abuzz with the miracle before them. Many people asked Masud, ‘What did the Christ tell you? What did He do to you?’ He simply answered, ‘He appeared, smiled and healed me.’”

Holly and I were thrilled as we listened. Being at that very library, seeing all these people watching “JESUS,” was an unforgettable experience. This is just  one example of how ministry partners around the world are using “JESUS,” now available in more than 2,050 different languages. It’s how someday everyone, everywhere, can see and hear “JESUS.”  

May I take you now to Southeast Asia, a very difficult place for openly sharing the gospel. A couple, Cai and Hoang, had just watched “JESUS.” Like Masud, they were deeply touched and pondered all they had experienced. The Holy Spirit was moving in their hearts. For what they were seeing was much more than just a film. It was a historic truth, God’s truth. Now the couple had many questions. So right after the showing, a volunteer helped them download the Jesus Film Project® app on their phones, to learn more.**

The couple wanted to know: “Who is Jesus?” “How can we have peace with Him?” “How can we have eternal life?” At home, using the app, they watched. A few days later, ministry workers visited Hoang and Cai’s house to follow up with them. This couple believed. They prayed and accepted Christ into their lives! They also shared the gospel with their four children. All of them put their trust in Jesus!

I love what Cai said: “After we accepted Christ, we felt peace in our hearts that we never experienced before. … I know for sure that I have eternal life in Christ.” This couple now opens their home for regular church meetings—a haven for seekers and nonbelievers to learn about Christ. I would not be surprised to learn that they are using the app to win others to Christ.

Whether in a major city of the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, or India, His Word, His love is rescuing people. God is calling people out of spiritual darkness and leading them to Jesus our Lord.

It’s your generous partnership that helps supply more than 1,800 ministry partners with equipment to present “JESUS.” Your giving enables them to show “JESUS” and follow-up films that answer questions, disciple new believers, provide translations and support video streaming for the smartphone app.

With thankfulness for your partnership, would you feel led today to help furnish waiting workers with equipment and tools that share the gospel where it has never been heard? Most ministry partners are in the developing world. They rarely have sufficient resources to purchase equipment. But these partners have the people—the team members—who will go, who will do the work if you can help equip, train and  send them. Here’s some of what they are requesting how you can help:


Twelve microSD cards with “JESUS” in up to 10 languages


Half of a video tablet set with solar panel and speaker


Video tablet set with solar panel and a Bluetooth speaker


 Two video tablet sets to equip two workers in planting churches


Video stream Jesus Film Project media to up to 28,000 people


 Let up to 224,000 people experience Jesus online


Please pray about these options. You can cover all the cost for one tool or give a portion. Any gift, large or small, will help reach the unreached with the gospel. Requests for equipment are significant, coming from many ministry partners.

I invite you to participate however God leads you. Please know that you’ll be  helping shine His light into spiritually dark places. You’ll be equipping partners and  teams to share the gospel and follow up with and mentor new believers. Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly.

Until everyone sees Jesus,  

Josh Newell
Executive Director
Jesus Film Project®

PS. You can help send digital tools to shine the light of the gospel into spiritual darkness. You can send your gift safely and quickly by clicking the give a gift button or by calling (800) 918-9929. To make a taxwise gift through appreciated stock, an IRA, or a donor-advised fund, call (888) 278-7233 or email or You are greatly appreciated.

* Name changed for security.

** Through video streaming, the app links people to a variety of films and content in hundreds of languages, to follow up with new believers.

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