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#2761997 - Frontline Missionary Support

As they dedicate their lives to reaping a historic spiritual harvest, Cru missionaries working on the front lines of the gospel – in hard-to-reach places, closed countries and beyond – are being hit hard … again and again.

Your gift could keep a faithful missionary on the mission field into the new year. Will you stand with them?

The need is urgent as war, civil unrest and huge inflation — far beyond that in the US — are wreaking havoc.

Some Cru missionaries on the front lines have seen more than 350% hikes in food prices. $100/gallon gas. Ongoing shortages. Now, the local Christians who used to support them can barely feed their own families … let alone help a missionary.

Natural disasters have hit hard too. Earthquakes and flooding have destroyed homes and livelihoods.

And some of the challenges are much more personal. In scores of nations, these men and women are being targeted because they are Christians.

One missionary was followed by a drone and then his home was raided and seized. Arrests are growing more common. Several missionaries are even now awaiting sentencing … all for sharing Jesus.

That’s why their dedication is so incredible. Because despite ALL this … every threat, every hardship, they are committed to sharing Jesus … because they see the incredible harvest God is growing.

They know people are dreaming about Jesus — including an extremist who came to know Christ! They know that seekers often secretly write in the middle of the night to get answers about Him. That an average of 436 people visit Cru’s main Arabic evangelism website every hour!

But their finances right now are a serious problem, with some unable to even meet their families’ most basic needs. Without an immediate supply of funds, some will have to leave the field to find other work, just to scrape by.

Will you help keep them in fields that are ripe for harvest?

Missionaries on the frontlines live on far less than we do. On average, $300 a month is all they need to continue their ministry. That’s only $10 per day!

Whatever you can give will fuel ministry in some of the most challenging nations on earth at a time when spiritual hunger is ripe.

All the turmoil has prompted so many hearts to seek an anchor … the Prince of Peace! Now, multitudes are uniquely open to the gospel. In closed nations, we’re literally running out of Bibles. We’re hearing from so many who are dreaming of Jesus. In the words of one Cru leader, “Now, the people are more open!”

But reaping this harvest requires WORKERS! And though they are brave and willing to risk it all to share Jesus, Cru missionaries on the frontlines cannot operate forever without enough funds for shelter and bare necessities.

Please give generously to encourage their hearts and fuel their ministry today.

Your gift will help to reach people seeking an anchor in all the turmoil.

Your gift will help answer seekers’ deepest questions, pointing them to Jesus.

Your gift will bless men and women battling to share Jesus in the hardest places … will make a difference for eternity.

Thank you so much!

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