$550,000 Gospel Expansion Matching Challenge 2x your impact

#0785095 - Gospel Expansion - Taking Jesus to Students

Our $300,000 Gospel Expansion Matching Challenge has Increased - to $550,000! Praise God!

For a limited time - only until December 31 - your impact will be doubled, up to the new $500,000 total, to reach even more students with the gospel!

You'll make 2x impact to fulfill the Great Commission by winning, building, and sending students for Christ.

  • A gift of $50 will be DOUBLED to reach 400 students.

  • A gift of $100 will be DOUBLED to reach 800 students.

  • A gift of $300 will be DOUBLED to reach 2,400 students.

You'll help launch 2024 powerfully, expanding life-changing powerful programs that impact students across the USA and around the world: more evangelism, more outreach, more discipleship, more campus movements - more impact!

Please respond now - the challenge deadline is December 31. Prayerfully consider a significant gift today. Thank you!

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