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At Cru, we believe in the power of Christ’s love and the blessing of family. Today, we're thrilled to share a transformative opportunity with you – a chance to impact marriages globally through the Art of Marriage resource.

Imagine the Impact: Transforming Lives in Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish!

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Marriage faces challenges, whether it's been thirty days or thirty years. Couples everywhere are seeking answers, often turning to sources that fall short. They’re aching for help and don’t know where to turn. The reimagined Art of Marriage, a small-group and event resource filled with gospel truth, humor, and vulnerable conversations, equips couples with tools to enhance intimacy, communication, and connection.

But, couples in need won't receive God’s truth without a translation change!

With your help, we can translate the Art of Marriage into Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic, three of the world’s most spoken languages. Your generosity will not only translate words but transform lives. Bringing this gospel hope and marriage strengthening resource to couples in their native language will cost $100K per translation. 

Will you give today to translate the Art of Marriage for nearly 50% of the world’s families? 

Together, let's make the Art of Marriage accessible to all, breaking down language barriers and building bridges of love and understanding.

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