Taking the light of the gospel to the darkest places!

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How do you get God’s Word to those dark corners ... those forgotten places ... of the world? Places where there is no written language or where oral storytelling is how the culture is preserved.  Places where ancient religious traditions are passed down through the ages.

It sounds nearly impossible, doesn’t it? It’s not.

You can make the impossible entirely possible in Christ! Seeking out forgotten people.  Training a few among them to tell the stories of Jesus ... and transforming their lives.  They, in turn, can share the stories with friends and family, and more lives will be changed!

Where there was once spiritual darkness, you can equip believers to spread the light of Christ.

Consider the Ehani* people of South Asia, with less than .1% population of evangelical Christians.  To claim Christ there is dangerous.  Believers can face expulsion from their families, even violence or closure of their churches.

But people came from all over to our School of Storying (SOS).  And they left, ready to courageously share the oral Bible stories they produced with as many people as possible.

Samuel*, an SOS participant, told the story of blind Bartimaeus to a young woman who follows the local religion.  She admired how God loved people and didn’t overlook the blind man. So, she shared the story with 10 people!

The Ehani people are finding hope in Christ as the stories spread.  And, as Raj* joyfully declared, “A physical Bible they can take and steal; but a story in our heart, they cannot take!”

Today you can bring the powerful stories of Jesus and His love to people like the Ehani who, by the world’s standards, seem impossible to reach.

Reach them with hope.  With love.  With stories to hide in their hearts, to share, to experience God, for the first time ever!

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