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#2843273 - Mideast Bibles and Christian Literature

Recent turmoil has fueled extraordinary spiritual hunger in the Middle East. 

And right now, doors are open for Cru missionaries to OPENLY distribute Bibles at huge book fairs in closed nations. These events draw millions of people.

That’s why, in response to urgent requests from missionaries in the Middle East, we need to RUSH $225,000 worth of Bibles and evangelism materials to the field ASAP.

Will you be a part?

Your gift of $27, $54, $81, or whatever the Lord lays on your heart will help get the heart-piercing, life-transforming Word of God — and other vital books to help people understand the gospel — into closed nations. Into places where God has been preparing hearts in a special way.

In closed nations, many seekers are able to read the Bible for the first time. 

One Cru missionary said, “For many years, people hadn’t seen the Bible or any Christian books. People were astonished that the Bible was in their language. They had been searching for years and could not find it.”

For these special events, local authorities want to be seen as tolerant, so they loosen the usual restrictions on Bible availability. This means Cru missionaries can freely, openly distribute God’s Word in places where it is usually banned or burned.

The largest of these book fairs hosts more than 3.5 million visitors over just two weeks. And we have several book fairs coming up in the next few months. 

Social unrest, economic uncertainty, the overwhelming chaos of instability has people questioning their traditional religious beliefs. Many are looking for truth and peace — and finding that Jesus is the only real source of it!

The Lord is at work drawing seekers to Him! More and more seekers are coming to know Christ. More and more people are wanting their own copy of the Word of God.

While this is a massive undertaking, one Bible costs just $6.75. Will you help give Bibles to people searching for truth?

Please act quickly as demand is enormous. Missionaries in the field have already run out of Bibles several times in the past year. And right now, people pondering life and death are hungry for hope.

Perhaps you can give $27 to provide 4 Bibles, $54 for 8 Bibles, $81 for a dozen (enough for a secret small group) or even more.

Whatever God leads you to do, your gift today will make a difference on some of the most challenging mission fields on earth. 

Any amount you feel called to give will help deliver a Bible to someone who may have never had their own copy. Thank you for being a part!

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