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#2817474 - StoryRunners Projects: Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting

Ishani* cares about the women in her South Asian people group! So, equipped with the stories she learned at a StoryRunners church planting workshop, Ishani began to tell oral Bible stories to the women and youth in her community. They love to hear stories from God’s Word, which they’re listening to for the first time! And, each week, they eagerly wait for Ishani to tell them new stories. 

Ishani is telling oral Bible stories to 60 women and 25 youth, and through your partnership, these numbers will grow. Their lives are being transformed as these image bearers hear God’s Word in a way that resonates with their hearts. 

Your gift today will equip more people like Ishani to take God’s Word to oral learners living in unreached people groups in a way they understand: oral Bible stories. As oral learners hear God’s Word in their heart language through stories for the first time, truth takes root in their hearts and their lives are transformed. 

Thank you for taking Christ’s hope, love and forgiveness to those who are waiting to hear God’s story!

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