This Summer, Deliver the Gospel to those Searching for Truth

#2865580 - Port Cities Project

This summer, tens of thousands of North African and Middle Eastern families will journey by ferry across the Mediterranean Sea to the freedom of Europe. 

In Europe’s ports, they’ll often wait for HOURS in huge traffic jams … bored and looking for something to do. That’s when Cru missionaries will approach with evangelism packs containing:

  • A New Testament (in the heart language of the receiver),
  • Evangelistic children’s and apologetics books,
  • A powerful film about the life of Jesus,
  • Contact information of local missionaries for recipients to ask further questions and be discipled.

Every $5 you give will help to safely, openly reach 7 closed nation people with the gospel! But time is short and supplies are low. Will you help today?

Right now, funding for the packs is short and could lead to running out of materials. Your gift today will make a difference to help entire families know Jesus!

The response to these evangelism packs is phenomenal. It seems so many are just waiting for someone to tell them about Jesus! 

This past year, one driver exclaimed over how long he’d been waiting for a Bible. Another was so hungry for truth that he accepted the gift AND went to church with a missionary the very next day! 

In one family, a little 7-year-old girl piped up: “I want to know Jesus” … so her family took the pack. Three other women prayed on the spot to accept Christ!

Again: each pack costs just $5 and is often passed around to reach about 7 people! Your gift of $50 will provide 10 packs to reach 70 people. $100 will provide 20 packs … enough to reach 140 people! 

Please act quickly … to strike while the iron is hot! Because God has made a way where there seemed to be no way:

  • DEMAND IS WAY UP. Last year, missionaries were able to distribute 3.5 TIMES as many New Testaments compared to previous years. They expect even greater demand this year!
  • THE VOLUME OF TRAVELERS IS UP. The Paris Olympics is fueling a greater number of travelers, which means more people can be reached!
  • OPPOSITION IS EASING: Missionaries report, “Port police have been less restrictive” — so teams can operate more freely and reach more people.
  • DOORS ARE WIDE OPEN … but we don’t know for how long. Local leaders state, “We have the opportunity to do this … We don’t know for how long.”

Truly, God has lined up so many factors to safely, openly reach closed nation people. But without immediate help, distributors could run out of materials. 

To cover the costs of 35,000 packs (40% more than last year to help meet the huge demand!) $175,000 is needed ASAP.

Anything you give will be a blessing to reach closed nation families during their fleeting moments of religious freedom. Thank you!

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