Help Equip “JESUS” Film Teams: $100,000 Challenge Grant

#2585015 - "JESUS" Film Equipment

Thank you for your compassion and faithfulness.

I’m sharing an extraordinary opportunity and a generous $100,000 Challenge Grant.

For security purposes, I cannot tell you where this is happening. A ministry partner who uses “JESUS” is working in a very dangerous area. Government authority has all but collapsed, along with the economy. Crime is rampant;
starvation widespread.

Eyewitness Report

From their ministry director: “The whole structure of society has broken down. People are living with no job, no hope, no place to stay and no food. And they have always been resistant to the gospel.

“Because the people are so desperate, we began a feeding program right in the hungriest areas, in the slums. We are there daily and have not abandoned them. The people are amazed and ask us ‘Why are you feeding us?’ ‘Why are you showing us this love?’ We simply reply, ‘Come to the center and watch a film.’

“That’s when they will sit in a room in a circle on the floor. A worker turns on a projector or a video tablet provided by Jesus Film Project® and shows them ‘JESUS.’ You should see how the people respond to the gospel story.  Sometimes in tears, they tell us: ‘We have never heard such things. Wow, is this really true? Have we been so blind?!’ They are believing and receiving miracles.”

5,000 New Faith Groups Formed!

“Every week, we are baptizing hundreds of new believers. We have established 5,000 small groups for study and follow up. We are witnessing extreme revival!

“We are grateful to Jesus Film Project that supplies the video tablets.  They are perfect for our workers to tell the gospel story and disciple new believers. Please tell the partners of Jesus Film Project that they are reaching people who might not be reached in any other way. Once fed they are so ready, so receptive. The doors of their hearts open to love. It’s why we need many more video tablets and other equipment to reach them. Our workers are ready to go.”

And this comes from but one ministry partner who is using “JESUS” and those portable video tablets! We have requests for thousands more video tablets plus tiny microSD cards that contain “JESUS” (available in 2,120+ languages) and more. Workers are available to go now, if you can help equip them. Ministry partners especially need:

  • Video Tablet Sets. Includes a Bluetooth speaker. Up to 30 people can see and hear “JESUS” at a time. $530 sends a complete Tablet Set.
  • MicroSD Cards. These can go anywhere and fit into most phones and mobile devices. They contain the complete “JESUS” film and His Word. Your gift of $60 sends 6 SD cards.

$100,000 Challenge Grant

Equipping waiting workers to take the gospel to open hearts is so important.  It’s why that generous donor has offered a Challenge Grant of $100,000! He hopes to inspire others like you to also give, to help send people hope and life. Our God is at work! I invite you to join where He is moving. Thank you so much for however you feel led to help.

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Thank you for whatever you are able to contribute! God bless you.

If you would prefer to donate by phone, please call us toll-free at 1-800-918-9929.

Your charitable donations are tax deductible. The ministry's tax identification number is 95-6006173. Jesus Film Project® is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International®. The ministry operates under the brand name, Cru®, in the United States.

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