Join the JAM Camp™ Team! Change the lives of at-risk teens for Jesus through sports

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Crushing. The weight of poverty, family disfunction, lack of resources, absent parents, drug abuse, gang activity, senseless violence, abuse ...

It’s drowning youth in urban America. Hope is urgently needed.

But simply making a commitment to sports isn’t enough to secure their future. 

  • They need Jesus. 
  • They need to be discipled and mentored
  • They need to understand their value comes not simply from their athletic talent, but because they’re made in God’s image. 

And today, you can intervene — step into their lives with the missing piece to success — and introduce them to the One who can eternally secure their future ... at JAM Camp!

It’s powerful and life-changing. And it works ... for more than 8 years we’ve seen God change the lives of urban young people through JAM Camp and friends like you.

Everything that goes into the JAM experience — travel, lodging, meals, plus the entire in-camp agenda — costs $375 per student.

  • With every $375 scholarship you provide, you will be helping to change a life — and, by God’s grace, possibly saving a life, and empowering young people to impact many others in our inner cities and beyond.

Scholarship funds are urgently needed for this summer. Please prayerfully consider how many at-risk young people you can bless with the opportunity to meet God on the playing field — and give as generously as possible today. Thank you!

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