Deadline: Midnight Tonight Reach Unreached Campuses NOW

#2857771 - Expanding to New Campuses

Time is running out to reach unreached campuses by launching new Cru movements! April 30 is the absolute deadline for tremendous impact ... to help us launch on as many campuses as possible this fall!

Of the 4,220 campuses in the USA, 1,745 have NO known active group of Christians sharing Jesus with students.

How will these students ever meet Jesus?!

We must launch gospel movements on these unreached campuses.

It takes an average of $3,200 to launch a new Cru movement and lead thousands of students to Christ - now, and for generations to come!

You can make it happen now -
but the deadline is April 30!

Please be a part of it! How many students can you help lead to Jesus?

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