Reach the Unreached with “JESUS”

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Reach the Unreached with “JESUS”

More teams are ready to go to unreached areas, to disciple new believers and nurture recently born churches. And though it is hard to fathom, mission researchers believe that 3 billion people in the world have yet to hear and understand the gospel. But thankfully, there are more than 1,800 ministries who are striving to reach them. They are using the film “JESUS” (available in 2,126 languages) and other Jesus Film® content. Most of these partners are in the developing world with limited resources. But they willingly supply field workers and evangelists on the frontlines. Our privilege is to come alongside, to help supply them with team support, equipment, training and the translations of “JESUS.”

May I invite your continued partnership in this global task of world evangelism? It may be that you could help today by sponsoring three days of a film team’s ministry by sending a gift of $114. During the day, they could be discipling new believers, and at night showing “JESUS” in yet another village or home. You can also sponsor one week of a team’s work with a gift of $290 or send a team for two weeks with a gift of $540, or you could underwrite a team for an entire month with your gift of $1,160. Perhaps you could help send a team for two or three months. Or you may feel led to sponsor the work of one film team for a complete year with a gift of $13,920. Click the link below to send a team now.

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Report from a Film Team: From Devoted Monk to Devoted Disciple

Like millions in his nation, Rabnir was devoted to his many gods*. In a quest for meaning, he took his devotion to an extreme. Rabnir left his wife and children to live in the forest as a monk. The only way he could survive was to beg.

After 15 years, he fell ill and came home, seeking medical help. He was so emaciated that, were it not for his identification papers, even his own family would not have recognized him. Rabnir had suffered a leg wound which was now severely infected. The doctor recommended amputation.

Rabnir became severely depressed and gave up all hope of living. That’s when a partner ministry “JESUS” film team arrived at his village. He watched and listened. Rabnir found himself amazed at the miracles of Jesus, moved by His compassion. As he watched, he heard the Word of God. For Jesus spoke his heart language.

The effect on Rabnir was profound. He stayed and wanted to talk with the film team. They spent hours with him, explaining the gospel. And they prayed that amputation would not be necessary, that Jesus “the Great Healer” would act.

After a month of prayer, Jesus healed him. Not only did Rabnir believe, but he became a devoted disciple to the only true and living God. His entire family came to faith. Now, Rabnir travels from village to village, often with a “JESUS” film team, giving his testimony, sharing the gospel. This is the result of the obedience of that film team, the Word of God, His power and your support. Thank you.

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Your gift of any amount will make a difference. Every gift will help impact lives. The film teams from those 1,800 ministry partners are grateful. They experience the protection of your prayers. You are going with them. We are all grateful.

You are a part of their ministry. Give as you are led and able, to His glory. Thank you and God bless you.

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Supporting and sending the teams continues to be a top priority, especially for the discipleship of new believers. That’s an essential role of those film teams. Some team leaders go on to become pastors of the churches they found. Film teams are ready to go now as you feel led to help send them. You can also give safely via credit card by calling (800) 387-4040 To make a tax-wise gift through appreciated stock, an IRA, or a donor-advised fund, call (888) 278-7233 or email or You are greatly appreciated.

*This report is from BigLife, a worldwide partner that fields hundreds of film teams, taking the gospel to where it has never been heard. The film “JESUS” is a key part of their church-planting strategies. I have changed names for security.

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